Automatic Custom Ornamental Gate

Pre-planning is the key for motorizing a custom ornamental gate, also referred to as custom wrought iron gates. Informing the gate manufacturer that the gate will be automatic or motorized is key to it’s design. Issues such as column design, attachment points, UL325 & ASTM F2200 safety standards need to be considered and addressed during the design phase.

We’ve seen beautiful and ornate custom iron gates where motorizing wasn’t considered during the design and the completed installation wasn’t esthetically pleasing. To avoid this make sure you include your gate operator installer in the process.

Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems offers turn-key custom ornamental automatic gate installations. We work with numerous custom ornamental gate, wrought iron and railing companies in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.

Mid-Atlantic also works directly with end users that are having custom gates designed to ensure the motors, controls and safety devices are properly incorporated into the design.