If you would like to work for a perimeter security company where its team members are valued for their individual contribution to our overall success as a company. A company where people want to work because of what we believe in. We are a company where every individual takes pride in providing exceptional customer service, adheres to the highest possible standards, and where outstanding customer service is expected. We are company that puts the customer first every time. We are an organization that believes that time away from work with family is as important as time at work.


We stand for quality and high standards. We do the job right the first time. We are a company that values the fact our employees want to come to work because they take pride in what they do, value their team members and together make a difference in the lives of others every day.
We believe our employees love for their job is reflected in how they treat our customers and co-workers. Their dedication is reflected in how they perform their work on a daily basis. We are a company that values loyalty by always being loyal to our team members.


We will adhere to the highest possible standards in our installations, our service and our customer support. We will provide only the best possible perimeter security solutions and equipment. We will accept only exceptional, quick and thorough service from our team members. Our goal is to install it or fix it right the first time. MAES will be a place where our team members come first. We will be a company that will invest time and energy into making sure our team members learn and grow as people & leaders as well as experts in their field.


We will achieve and maintain these high standards by providing our teams members with training in their respective areas of expertise. We will provide above industry standard quality installations, by providing quick and thorough service at a fair price. We will achieve this by impowering our employees to always make decisions that are in the best interest of our customers without fear of retribution. We will strive every day to get better. We will continue to learn and grow. We will always demand they our employees and our vendors strive towards advancing to be the best they can be both at work and away from work. Although we are confident in our abilities as individuals, we will succeed as a team. We will always look to help our co-workers, our partners, and our suppliers to achieve excellence. Because together we will protect our client’s property and their lives with a team approach.