HomeLink® and Automatic Driveway Gate Opener

The Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems service department receives requests for service from customers and communities trying to get their vehicle HomeLink® to open their automatic driveway gate opener.

We suggest doing a couple things prior to scheduling a service call. First, verify that the radio receiver installed in your gate opener is compatible with HomeLink®. Most are compatible, some older models are not. Also, for encrypted rolling codes additional hardware may need to be installed. If compatible go to the HomeLink® website and follow the programming instructions for your specific vehicle. HomeLink® has user friendly instructions online.

If you can’t find the radio receiver or determine the model you can always take a picture of the inside of the control cabinet, email us the picture and we can help determine if the receiver is compatible or if additional hardware needs to be installed.

If you don’t want to worry with any of the above but want your vehicle HomeLink® to work, please give us a call and we’ll take care of it.  The vehicle(s) will need to be available for the service call.

If your current radio receiver isn’t compatible with HomeLink® we can certainly install a receiver or repeater that is. We will need to know the make, model and year of the vehicle.

If purchasing a new automatic driveway gate opener and you intend to use HomeLink® with your new gate opener make sure the estimator knows. In this case the installer will program and test during the installation. Not all cars are equipped with HomeLink® so make sure you check your vehicle owners manual.

For gated communities that want to use HomeLink® as the exclusive entry for residents, but some resident vehicles are not HomeLink® equipped, aftermarket options are available.

If you have additional questions feel free to contact our service department.