HySecurity Training for the Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems Team

Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems & Hysecurity Training

Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems had the pleasure of hosting a HySecurity training class on August 18, 2022. The trainers that came from HySecurity were Michael Landino, Jeff Ferguson, and Brian Haproff. We had our installation, service and sales team members attend the class. This was an all-day event with hands on training on the M30 and M50 Crash Barrier Arms. We all learned more about each product, from the design stage to the installation stage all the way to the service stage.  We also gained additional knowledge on the various crash ratings K4-K12.

There was also a demonstration of how to measure for the layout of the M30 & M50 barriers. The team that was selected to do the job did great and learned the importance of proper measurements.

The next demo was installing the arms on the operator and then removing it from the unit. This was not as easy as everyone thought it would be due to the straps in the arms. The entire team learned a lot from this training.

By the end of the day each of the attendees earned a certificate for the class as a certified installer of the equipment.

Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems prides itself in continuing education of the products we install and look forward to the next training class.