Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems COVID-19 Statement

In this world of uncertainty we must remember that safety and security are a must. Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems has taken the necessary precautions to flatten the spread of the COVID-19 virus in our community. We have met with all of our team members to go over the expectations and the safety of each of our members. Our office staff is working and there are some that are able to work from home and in doing this we are flattening the spread of the virus within our work place and community. We want our clients to know that we are still maintaining the installation of the projects as well as servicing our current clients equipment and have taken the stance to stager our crews start times.

With all of this being said please keep in mind that perimeter security is your first defense which starts at the entrance to your business or property. If you don’t continue to keep up with the maintenance of the gate operators they could fail you when you need them the most. Our team is ready help keep up with the maintenance on your equipment. They are prepared and ready to service them when you are ready.

Below is taken from the AFA website:

• Priority must be made to maintain these venues’ operations for our nation’s First Responders to provide access for emergency services and personnel for these facilities. Many fence and electric gate system installations are integrated with life safety and fire safety equipment.

• Fences, gate, automation and access systems that provide security and controlled access to facilities, venues, parking lots, garages and facilities will require services be maintained through professional AFA member fence and gate companies during this pandemic.

• Fence, gate, automation and access system AFA member companies offer a variety of services that are not only beneficial, but more importantly required to maintain order, safety and security during this pandemic.