Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems Holds UL325, ASTM F2200 Automatic Gate Safety Training

Mid -Atlantic UL325 Training


Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems conducted UL325 Automatic Gate Operator, ASTM F2200 Automatic Gate training session in Williamsburg Virginia on October 18th, 2017 for all company certified automatic gate designers, certified gate operator installers, supervisors and managers. UL325 covers the safety requirements for the gate operator or simple put the machine that moves the gate and ASTM F2200 covers the actual gate if it is motorized. The event had two purposes, one to refresh everyone on the requirements and two, brain storm how to best educate dealers and end users.

The morning started with training on the current UL325, ASTM F2200 gate safety requirements. The training covered the facts, current gate safety requirements and a reinforcement of the January, 2016 update to UL325 on gate operators. Next was ASTM F2200 on the requirements of the construction of gates to be motorized. John Massei, Quality Control Manager and Certified Automatic Gate Operator Installer stated “ASTM F2200 always brings up the most discussion. The designers and superintendents see so many different gate fabrication techniques in the field and it always creates a great exchange of information on applying the standards in the real world.” The afternoon focused on Company best practices to enforce the standards with the proper balance of safety and security.

What came out of the afternoon session was how best to assist dealers, subcontractors and end users on planning for the safety requirements in the early stages of design. When considering safety requirements during design balancing safety with security is much easier. To assist in this process Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems intends to offer lunch and learns for dealers, formal training and check-off packets to ensure gates meet ASTM F2200 standards when installed and don’t need expensive modifications before installing the automatic gate operator. A UL325, ASTM F2200 resource guide will also be added to the midtatlanticentry.com website. Other items identified were reasonably priced kits to bring most existing manual gates up to ASTM F2200 standards so automatic gate operators can be installed. It was recognized that on some older manual gates it is not cost effective to upgrade and starting over is the best path. Scott Spencer, Vice President stated “Once the gate meets ASTM F2200 standards UL325 standards for the gate operator are pretty straight forward with current manufacturing requirements. Appropriate entrapment devices must be installed to get the gate operator to function, however you need to make sure you hire a competent installer to ensure the entrapment devices are properly connected and in the correct locations, as well as, all possible entrapment areas covered.” Education remains the biggest key for safety managers, facility managers, security managers and end users in general. Everybody wants a safe gate.

In closing the session all agreed that Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems would remain a leader on gate safety. Tim Morgan President stated “It’s important and we intend to be a industry leaders on this matter. Any dealers, fence contractors, general contractors or security companies that would like us to provide training on this matter give us a call. I always tell customers that are resistant to these requirements that even if you don’t have Mid-Atlantic do your gate get a competent installer and make sure these standards are met. Gate safety requirements cannot be waived under any circumstances.” All Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems Designers, Supervisors, managers and employees are committed to applying and educating UL325, ASTM F2200 standards.