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Our company is focused solely on delivering the perimeter security best suited to your company’s wants and needs.

How do we make sure your facility has the perimeter security you need?

Properly assessing your needs and preferences will save you time and money. We’ll begin by asking some basic access control questions—many of which you may not have thought of yourself—to identify the system that best meets your security requirements. Your system could range from a single keypad or hand-held transmitter to more complex systems that allow you to customize anything from your control panel to  tracking software or emergency responses and power management.

Properly executing your installation will also save you time and money. Our professional  staff has a collective 150 years of experience designing and engineering systems for industrial, military and corporate sites throughout the region.

Vehicular access:  From motorized automatic gates to attendant buildings or crash-rated barriers, we are equipped and ready to secure your facility’s entry, working within the space, traffic and any other constraints of your worksite. We will work with you to create the right combination of controls for vehicle access, parking and security.

Pedestrian access:  In addition to keypad, transmitter and card access, we specialize in more involved turnstile and walk-gate systems.

Safety and Support: We are well equipped to ensure your job is UL325 compliant. Job site safety is obviously a priority, for both your workforce and ours, as well as the immediate surroundings. We have extensive experience in light and heavy commercial settings, manufacturing and chemical plants, power generation facilities and data centers, hospitals, transportation and port facilities

Mid-Atlantic is an industry leader in post-installation support with complete installation and service warranties, comprehensive preventive maintenance programs and a 24/7 service department with factory support.