Government (ATFP)

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Federal, military, state and local government facilities, data centers, industrial and chemical facilities, water treatment plants and port facilities to name a few.

All these critical sites require extended, and very often unique, perimeter and integration protection.

Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems has years of experience in Anti-Terrorism Force Protection and all levels of Government protection. Our technicians are experienced in installing and servicing wedge and plate barriers, bollards, cable beams and crash-rated gates from all manufacturers. Our integration division is well versed in all types of building controls, video, intrusion & fire detection.

We install, service and maintain crash-rated barriers at critical sites everyday, with special features (emergency fast operation or ice melt systems, for example), customized controls, sequence of operations and building integration. Nothing is too complicated.

Our design team has years of experience and will ensure you have the proper type vehicle barrier, K rating, controls and integration you need.

All technicians, DCJS registered, RapidGate, back ground checks and drug screening. We do what you require for access to your facility.

We have a complete safety, health, HAZCOM and fleet program. Field supervisors OSHA30, all field employees OSHA10, first aid, CPR qualified, as well as other job specific safety training.