Self Storage

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Security gates are one of the most important components of a storage facility; they protect the individual storage units and the belongings inside. We understand the importance of security and convenience to your renters. Gates must be secure, functional and integrated with other security devices such as keypads and CCTV.

Vertical lift, slide, swing and barrier gates – we can make sure you have the the proper gate and controls for your space!  A properly installed automated gate with the features you need will attract renters and help with managing the facility.

Our company is focused solely on delivering the perimeter security best suited for your storage facility.

Assessing your needs and preferences will save you time and money. We’ll begin by looking at some basic space and access control questions.  Our goal is to get you the system within your budget, that best meets your facilities security needs.  System controls  range from a single keypad with free vehicle exit to more complex systems with tracking management software, video, fire access, police access and power management.

Our professional staff has a collective 150 years of experience designing and engineering systems for self storage facilities.

Safety of your renters and employees is obviously a priority.  We are well equipped to ensure your job is UL325 compliant.

Mid-Atlantic is an industry leader in post-installation support with complete installation and service warranties, comprehensive preventive maintenance programs and a 24/7 service department with factory support.  We have extensive experience in self-storage facilities and PTI Security Solutions , Digitech, DoorKing and other access controls.

Preventive maintenance of gate systems is too often overlooked in the self-storage industry.  Avoidable failures frustrate your renters.  Avoid the frustration and dramatically extend the life of your equipment with our comprehensive preventive maintenance plans.