Top 6 things you need to consider about adding a gate operator to your Farm, Home, or Estate Gate.

Top 6 things you need to consider about adding a gate operator to your Farm, Home, or Estate Gate.

You have a beautiful farm and want to make sure it is secure. Perimeter Security is a great first step to protect your family and assets. A beautiful well-built fence to secure your prize horses, cattle or other livestock is essential to their safety. Often when it comes to gates, people struggle because they don’t really know the options that exist and things they need to consider.  Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems (MAES) has put together a brief overview of key decisions that may come into play and help guide your choices. The MAES team provides comprehensive turn-key solutions to protect your family and home.

1. Service After the Sale

        Many companies install gate operators but have no ability to service after the sale. This may be the key driver of your decision. Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems has been servicing gate operators for over 35 years! Our installation team has years of experience and training. We have a service team that is responsive and knowledgeable. We offer Preventative Maintenance programs and service after the sale, which gives you great peace of mind.

2. Gates

There are many types of gates including: farm gates, decorative gates, driveway gates, estate gates, equestrian gates, and custom fabricated gates. Lots of choices here but often some design characteristics are overlooked when you want to motorize or automate your gate with a gate operator.

There are many styles to choose from including  traditional, picket, 3 board farm gate and custom design.  Though off the shelf gates may look nice, they are not always designed to be motorized or automated. Heavier components and reinforcements are needed to support the added pressure a gate operator applies. If large flat areas exist in the design, wind may apply forces that damage the gate and or operator. Types of hinges and the type of gate operators should be considered. There are many materials & finishes to be considered: paint, powder coated aluminum or steel, are the most common.  Often on farms many customers want the gate to match the fence. It is possible to use wood, we recommend mounting on a steel frame and post. Another big factor is the gauge of the metal, a minimum gauge is required to motorize a gate. Safety is the most critical aspect of design to assure your gate meets UL325 or ASTM Standards. Our Mid-Atlantic Sales team will be happy to advise you on these key safety requirements.

3. Gate Operating System:

The following is a list of common situations we advise clients on when purchasing a gate operating system. If you purchase an operator on-line: Many operators can be found at a very low cost, but they lose value over time because they are not designed to last. If you want a gate operator that works once a month because that’s all you need these may work but are not recommend by Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems. We evaluate your specific gate environment and its purpose then offer the best value and solution. A professional gate operator installation company like MAES will have different operators depending on the environmental context, type of gate and duty cycle requirements. If you want a gate operator to open on average 2 or more times a day and have multiple ways to open the gate, then the cost will be higher at first. However, over the life of the product will provide far superior value than a low-cost, low duty cycle operator.

Brands: We carry proven brands such as: LiftMaster, HySecurity, Doorking, etc.

Warranty: Most of our brands come with factory warranties


4. Installation:

We often find that people try to buy a gate online and then have a local handy man install the gate operator. They might be successful but usually have not had training to install. The biggest things they often overlook are safety issues. Another area they struggle with is service. Sometimes they are successful with the install, but once problems start to surface, they have no idea how to fix and do not have parts on hand. Another common problem is the gate operator is not matched to the demands of the environment that you need it to operate in. MAES installation team members have years of training not only on the installation of operators but also safety considerations and other trade insights that you may need… Stonework, Electrical work, Asphalt work. Our experienced teams assure your install goes smooth from start to finish.

5. Access Controls

This is usually where many installers run in to trouble. Access controls a few years ago only meant a couple of transmitters and or a keypad. Today there are many options: Keypad, Voice, Video, over Wi-Fi, through your cell phone etc. Your team at MAES has a wide variety of options to satisfy your needs. Technology is constantly changing, and we strive to offer the best solutions.

6. Experienced Sales Team

So, if you are considering getting your gate motorized and want to install a gate operator Mid-Atlantic Entry is a great place to start. Call or email one of our sales specialists today! They can come out and provide a free estimate and determine exactly what you need. A properly designed, manufactured, and installed motorized gate can make the perimeter of your home secure and provide easy access.