UL 325 & ASTM F2200 Gate Safety Requirements

During the first few years of implementation in the early 2000’s, most gate operator manufacturers and installers struggled to address the requirements of the new safety standards. The UL325 standard was clarified by several revisions and slowly became the norm. During that time and even today, many gates were automated with some but not all of the required items being addressed. These items can include lack of a separate pedestrian gate, no screening on slide gates and the fence beside them or lack of guards on exposed gate rollers. Many sites are lacking entrapment protection at or near the gate operator itself. Mid Atlantic Entry Systems is committed to providing automatic gate systems that meet all current safety standards. Mid Atlantic Entry Systems will quote all new gate installations with the standards in mind as well as inspect sites that we service and maintain. Additionally, Mid-Atlantic Entry offers free safety inspections on existing systems.

Below are two brochures that help highlight potential safety concerns.

Please give us a call if you would like us to perform a free UL 325 safety check.

Slide Gate Design 11 x 17web

Swing Gate Design 11 x 17web