What to consider when choosing a gate operator company for service?

Servicing a gate

Do they even offer service?

Many companies sell gate operators and even install but after the sale, do not have specialized service.

How long have they been providing gate operator service?

In today’s fast changing world there are a lot of companies that say they provide service but are new to the business. A gate operator has many moving parts and takes years of training to master. Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems has over 30 years of experience.

Are they factory trained?

The team at Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems continues to upgrade their skills through consistent training with manufactures and on the job training not only for product but for safety considerations as well.

Do they know UL325 and ASTM2200 safety requirements?

When you motorize a gate, safety must be a top concern. Many companies do not have the training or the skills to determine if your gate is safe to automate.

The team at Mid-Atlantic Systems can review safety items with you because they have been through the proper training.

Do they understand your unique requirements?

Our team is trained to ask questions and determine which gate operator and access control system is correct for you. This can be the difference between success and a gate operator that does not perform well.

Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems’ scope of service is incomparable in the region. Our focus on quick and thorough repair and maintenance ensures that you get smooth and trouble-free use of your system.


Service Team    service@maentry.com

Our technicians are proficient in repairing or maintaining your access system and can utilize full factory support for systems we install, from the gates or barriers themselves to the associated access controls and safety devices.

Preventive Maintenance:  Complete preventive maintenance programs.  Proper and routine maintenance maximizes the life of your system and will reduce costly and frustrating down time.  We track your systems factory recommended maintenance requirements and additional tasks we’ve learned using our more than 30-years experience.  The data is in, preventive maintenance customers have far fewer repair needs and dramatically extend the life of their equipment.  We do offer preventive maintenance agreements with guaranteed response times for our customers that require this additional security.

All service labor and parts come with a warranty. We are licensed and insured. All Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems employees are registered through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.