Portable Bollards protect your building or event perimeter

Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems is known for our perimeter security. Most people think of us for installed Gate Operators, Swing Gates, Slide Gates, Crash Barriers, and Bollards. Bollards are a good protector of buildings and provide a way to control traffic flow and increase safety.

Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems offers products from Delta Scientific. Delta has created the TB100 Portable Bollard to protect your property. TB100 crash-rated portable bollards allow law enforcement and security providers to quickly create high security barricades that block access to temporary venues where vehicle can be used as weapons against large numbers of pedestrians. A set of 5 TB100 bollards linked together will provide an M30 crash rating. A set of 10 TB150 bollards linked together will provide an M50 crash rating.

TB100 and TB150 Portable Bollards

Individual portable security bollards provide vehicle barricades in applications such as heavily traveled narrow walkways and roadways or any area that a vehicle can get through. They can also be used as substitutes until permanent bollard systems get installed. The omni-directional design absorbs impact from any angle and its quick deployment enables protection that slows, trips and arrests intruding vehicles without difficulty of a major barricade installation.

Up to five TB100 portable bollards can be linked together with a cable system and be placed on a road’s surface to create immediate protection for a span of 20 feet (6M) and provides an M30 crash rating. Additionally, if 10 TB150 bollards are linked together you can cover a distance of 40’ (12.1m) and provide a M50 crash rating. These formations create a portable and temporary security fence protecting events or other situations in need of vehicle flow protection.

Contact Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems today if your facility needs one of these or any another type of high security barrier.